What we do

For corporates and governments alike, Infinia “masters the internet” through subscription access to its best-in-class CyberEyesOn™ or “CEO” SaaS platform. We are world leaders in ‘Open Source’ intelligence retrieval: the collection and analysis of unclassified, publicly available information – often referred to as “OSINT”.

By harnessing best-in-class technologies (including Federated Search across surface and deep web sources), we bring structure to the astonishing daily proliferation of data and information across the web, wherever it can be found.

The CEO platform provides better information and better analytical tools for, ultimately, better “auditable” decisions. We cut through the vast mass proliferation of information to sort fact from fiction and truth from opinion. This risk analysis provides our client analysts with the foreknowledge and understanding to thrive in uncertain situations and provides management with a full audit trail from the inception of the need for information and analysis through to its it delivery and reusability.